At J&D Online Investigations Pty. Ltd. we conduct both Online Investigations and General Investigations.

Our Online Investigations includes but is not limited to:

Email Investigations

We all communicate now via email, why its fast, instant, easy and cheap. This can be the main correspondence now between a client and an organisation, some organisations are now accepting emails with attachments, then the traditional method of documents in the post.


However although most emails are legitimate some are not. Unfortunately there are a number of ways to produce a fraudulent email, whether it is presented to the unknowing recipient in their inbox or printed and used as evidence.

At J&D Online Investigations Pty. Ltd. we have experience in looking and investigating emails to ascertain if what you see on face value is in fact correct or not.

Our comprehensive report will outline if in fact the email is a fake or is the real deal. This could save your company or organisation many dollars in insurance claims or it could also help an employer with any misconduct charges faced by an employee.

If you need your email verified and investigation contact us here at J&D Online Investigations Pty. Ltd.

Cyber Stalking


Have you been a victim of cyberstalking?

With the increase of social networking sites, such as facebook and twitter it has become so much easier to stalk another person. The internet world is no different. Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, a group of individuals, or an organization. This may include such things as false accusations, monitoring, making threats, identity theft, damage to data or equipment, the solicitation of minors for sex, or gathering information in order to harass.

At J&D Online Investigations Pty. Ltd. we investigate these types of offences. Sometimes the matters lead to prosecution when the details are forwarded to local police and sometimes clients hire J&D Online Investigations, just to assist in a restraining order application.

If you think you have been a victim of cyber stalking contact J&D Online Investigations for a discreet chat.

Cyber Bullying

Like cyberstalking, cyberbullying is on the increase. Cyberbullying can be described as the continuing to send e-mails to someone who has said they want no further contact with the sender, but it may also include threats, sexual remarks, hate speech, ganging up on victims by making them the subject of ridicule in forums, and posting false statements as fact aimed at humiliation.


Have you or your children been a victim of cyberbullying?

Unlike cyberstalking a cyberbully may disclose a victims’ personal data (e.g. real name, address, or workplace/schools) on websites or forums or may pose as the identity of a victim for the purpose of publishing material in their name that defames or ridicules them. Some cyber-bullies may also send threatening and harassing emails and instant messages to the victims, while other post rumors or gossip and instigate others to dislike and gang up on the target.

Unfortunately there has been an increase in the cyberbullying of children. There is reports that children in second grade have been the victim of cyberbullying at J&D Online Investigations Pty. Ltd. we can investigate these matters and assist the victims (or parents of the victims) to obtain information to assist in court or to just make the cyberbullying stop.

If you think you have been a victim of cyberbullying or your children may have been please contact J&D Online Investigations for a discreet chat on how we can fight, against cyberbullying.

Internet Fraud – Financial

The world we live in today is an electronic world. No longer do we go back to the bank as much as we used to. Why? that’s because we do it all online. We pay our bills online, we even can do our shopping online.

Although this technology is great, there is always some fraudsters out there to make a quick dollar by taking your hard earned cash dishonestly.


Have you been a victim of internet fraud?

This term to obtain your personal information is known as “phishing” which is a way of attempting to acquire information such as your user-names, passwords, and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. The common form of phishing is bank phishing. This is where you reportedly receive an email from your bank telling you to log on to internet banking to update your bank details. Unfortunately the site is a fake and all it does is capture your online baking credentials.

At J&D Online Investigations Pty. Ltd. we can assist you when you have been the victim of this type of fraud and we can assist in investigating the matter. At J&D Online Investigations Pty. Ltd. company director Jason King has had many years investigating these matters and knows how all the different banks in Australia respond to this type of scam. Unfortunately not all banks are sympathetic to you the victim.

If you think you have been a victim of phishing and need assistance please don’t hesitate to contact J&D Online Investigations Pty. Ltd. for assistance.

Fraud and Identity Crime

The Australian Institute of Criminology defines online fraud as a “dishonest or deceitful means to obtain some unjust advantage, facilitated through the use of the internet” such frauds are also known as frauds, scams, tricks, cons, swindles, rooks, flim flams, gyps.


At J&D Online Investigations Pty. Ltd. we have seen all of these internet scams and know what is involved in obtaining information to assist police in a prosecution. At J&D Online Investigations Pty. Ltd. we have the ability to obtain evidence to ascertain where the scam is being conducted from and can alert local authorities of the scam. We can assist our clients in any banking documentation that may be required if needed to help any banking investigation.

At J&D Online Investigations Pty. Ltd. we also assist our clients who have been exposed to Identity crime. Identity crime is the misuse of personal information to commit fraud. It can be broken down to three areas which include.

Identity fraud – Which is the misuse of personal information to commit fraud;
Identity theft – Use of another person’s personal information without their knowledge or permission
Lent identity – Where a person knowingly allowing personal information to be used

In today’s society, many people have been exposed to these types of crimes. You probably know of someone that has been exposed to this, or perhaps you are a victim of this type of crime.

At J&D Online Investigations Pty. Ltd. we can investigate these matters for you in a bid to having the person committing these offences eventually prosecuted.

At J&D Online Investigations Pty. Ltd. we also have the experience to assist individuals and organisations in preventing this type of crime, so that you will not fall victim to one of these scams.

Remember if the offer on the internet appears to good to be true – guess what it probably is.

If it is not listed here contact us and we will most likely be able to assist.


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